Find your way in the UX process jungle

Monday 24 April 2023, CHI2023 conference, Hamburg Germany

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Many UX process models have emerged over time. Especially beginners, but also advanced users, often find it difficult to orient themselves and to choose a suitable process for a specific project. In the first part of this course, we will explain different UX process models, their similarities and differences, and their application areas. In the second part, participants will divide into groups to work out a concrete case study, in which they will decide upon suitable processes for a specific use case. The course is designed to inspire, deepen knowledge, and refine practical skills.


In this course you will learn to:

  • explain and separate common UX processes from each other.
  • describe the decision criteria for choosing between common UX processes.
  • choose resp. combine suitable processes for specific use cases.
  • use experiences and knowledge that other course participants brought into the course to support their own decision-making regarding UX process models in practice.